With more than ten years of experience in Academic Entrepreneurship, we provide consulting services for research organisations to develop their entrepreneurial mission.

Our team members have also worked with EU institutions on different projects at the intersection of innovation, research, and policy.

Our approach is based on diagnosing areas of intervention and proposing an institutional strategy for entrepreneurship.



ResearchComp: The European Competence Framework for Researchers

We advised the European Commission on the seven areas of competencies for future researchers and outlined the different levels of proficiency. [OPEN]

Competence framework for ‘innovative policymaking’

We have contributed to the definition of policymaking competence focusing on the activities structured around the policy cycle to face global challenges. [OPEN]

Towards a 2030 vision on the future of universities in the field of R&I in Europe

We have contributed to the study published by the DG-RTD, in particular to the parts related to innovation and academic entrepreneurship. [OPEN]

Competence Framework ‘Science for Policy’ for researchers

We have worked with the JRC  to map the essential competences to increase the impact of scientific knowledge for better policies. [OPEN]